Foto: Florian Fries


Samstag, 20.11.20 um 20 Uhr Klangbrücke Aachen


what would you do if you knew everything?
you brain and bones would possess every possible piece of information
but had no memory
the chaos would be challenged through selection
but without history
the process of organization would have to happen over and over again
in a different form, with different intensity
yet when letting go of it
you could reach new levels of disorganization
thus making chaos and order of the same importance

Dieses Trio spielt ihr impulsives, differenziertes Konglomerat irgendwo zwischen Ordnung, Chaos, Spoken Word und gewöhnlichen Songstrukturen. Es entsteht eine Symbiose von akustischen und
elektronischen Sounds. VÖ 2020 auf Bandcamp: “bucketland – greminger/heid/soti“

anthony greminger // drums
darius heid // piano, synth
thea soti // voice, electronics

    GREMINGER/HEID/SOTI - 20. November 2020

    Karten Abendkasse: 15,- / 10,- (Ermäßigung für Schüler, Stundenten, Aachenpass)